10 December 2016 – LEPA on the Mont Fort (3330 m)

Greetings from the top! LEPA is looking back from Mont Fort (3330 m) on a great and very successful year 2016 at EPFL Valais Wallis!

5 November 2016 – EPFL Open Days

LEPA presented its fuel cell car.

29 October 2016 – Prof. Girault visiting Fudan University

Professor Hubert Girault met several former LEPA members and current collaborators at Fudan University. From left to right: Liang Qiao, Hongyan Bi, Baohong Liu, Xaojun Bian, Lei Liao and Hualan Zhou.

30 September 2016 – Dr Jonnathan Cesar Hidalgo Acosta

Jonnathan Cesar Hidalgo Acosta defended successfully his PhD thesis “Electrochemical Studies of Water Splitting in Organic Media” under the supervision of Prof. Hubert Girault! The jury was composed of Prof. Raffaella Buonsanti, Prof. Alan Bond and Prof. David Fermin. Congratulations!

27 September 2016 – LEPA’s fuel cell car on tour!

Fuel cell car from LEPA-Martigny visiting the main EPFL campus in Lausanne and the Rolex centre.

10 September 2016 – Inauguration of the LEPA test hydrogen service station in Martigny

The hydrogen service station has been inaugurated. Celebrate with us and enjoy the picture gallery of this great moment of the lab.

16 August 2016 – LEPA Summer School

LEPA spent a great time together discussing about current and new projects while enjoying the Swiss Alps in Valais Wallis!

LEPA reaching new heights at fully solar powered Cabane Rambert above Ovronnaz.
Raclette for dinner made by original Swiss Sunny and Mikaël!
11 August 2016 – LEPA Martigny

Getting ready for the inauguration ceremony of the hydrogen service station‬.

8 August 2016 – LEPA Martigny

Continuous progress by the ‪‎LEPA‬ ‪‎Martigny‬ team. New logic programmed in the ‪‎controller‬ of the ‪‎hydrogen‬ ‪‎refilling‬ ‪‎station‬.

20 July 2016 – LEPA Martigny

Great news from our LEPA ‪Martigny‬ outpost! First data communication with the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell!

14 June 2016 – Best Poster Prize for Tzu-En Lin 

Congratulations to Tzu-En Lin for having been awarded the ‪best‬ ‪poster‬ ‪prize‬ at the 7th European ‪Dermatology‬ Congress in Alicante, Spain, for her poster “Beyond ‪‎histochemistry‬: ‪Screening‬ ‪‎biomarkers‬ in ‪melanoma‬ ‪‎tissues‬ using ‪‎soft‬ ‪‎electrochemical‬ ‪‎probes‬”.

07 June 2016 – International Flow Battery Forum 

LEPA members Dr. Véronique Amstutz, Dr. Alberto Battistel, Dr. Alejandro Colli, Sunny Maye and Prof. Hubert Girault attended the International Flow Battery Forum in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Dr. Véronique Amstutz, Dr. Alberto Battistel, Dr. Alejandro Colli and Sunny Maye.
05 June 2016 – Gotthard 2016 exhibition 

LEPA at the ‪Gotthard‬ ‪‎tunnel‬ exhibition in Biasca where the public opening ceremonies are taking place for the world’s longest ‪train‬ tunnel, located in ‪‎Switzerland‬.

07-10 April 2016 – Swiss Mobility Days 

Impressions from the Swiss Mobility Days in Martigny where Prof. Hubert Girault gave a presentation about LEPA’s recent and current projects on redox flow batteries and hydrogen production, storage as well as fuel cell car fueling.

Patricia Byron and Sunny Maye at the EPFL LEPA stand during the Swiss Mobility Days.
Prof. Hubert Girault (right) with Jacques Melly (center), the president of the Valaisan Gouvernment, inaugurating the Swiss Mobility Days.
06 April 2016 – PhD defense Patrick Voyame 

Congratulations to Dr. Patrick Voyame for having successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Photocatalytic and electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide in pressurized systems” under the supervision of Prof. Hubert H. Girault.

Dr. Patrick Voyame and Prof. Hubert H. Girault.
March 2016 – EPFL Valais Wallis is driving a Hyundai iX35 fuel cell car 

LEPA is proud to drive a Hyundai iX35 fuel cell car.

The Hyundai iX35 fuel cell car next to the MyPhy electrolyzer (left) in LEPA Martigny.
Marc-André Berclaz, operational director of EPFL Valais Wallis (left), together with Dr. Heron Vrubel (second from left) taking delivery of a Hyundai iX35 fuel cell car for LEPA.
06 March 2016 – Prof. Hubert H. Girault visited the 11.2 MW fuel cell plant in Daegu 

Prof. Hubert H. Girault visited the 11.2 MW fuel cell power plant in Daegu, South Korea.

02 March 2016 – Seminar by Dr. Andreas Lesch at Cork University College 

LEPA’s group member Dr. Andreas Lesch gave an invited seminar in the Chemistry Department at the University College Cork (UCC), ‪Ireland‬, to students and staff about ‪‎inkjet‬ ‪‎printing‬ and ‪scanning‬ ‪‎electrochemical‬ ‪‎microscopy‬ for ‪‎electroanalysis‬ and ‪‎electrocatalysis‬.

Dr. Andreas Lesch (center) with Dr. Micheal D. Scanlon (left), former Postdoc in LEPA and now researcher at UCC, and Dr. Scanlon’s PhD student Andres Molina Osorio.