Interview on RTS with Professor Hubert Girault, Alexandre Closset (President of Swiss Hydrogen) and Philipp Dietrich (Director of H2 Energy) about hydrogen storage.


Video about the coming inauguration of the test hydrogen service station in LEPA Martigny:
Prof. Hubert Girault discussing on Canal Alpha about ‪‎hydrogen‬ ‪‎fuel‬ ‪cell‬ ‪‎cars‬ for the ‪‎transport‬ of ‪‎tomorrow‬ (starting from 6:55):
Interview with Prof. Hubert Girault during the Swiss Mobility Days on Canal 9 (second half):
Video about EPFL Valais Wallis and ongoing research activities including LEPA Sion and LEPA Martigny

MONTAGE FILM 4 from Alpage Productions on Vimeo.

LEPA on the EPFL news webpage:
LEPA on the Swiss RTS TV channel:
LEPA on FUTUREMAG from Arte (French version):
For the German version click here.