LEPA Group Seminar


Room I17 4 K, Campus Valais Wallis, Sion, 13:00 s.t.

Date Speaker Title
28.09.2015 Lucie Rivier Electrochemistry at liquidǀliquid interfaces
05.10.2015 Grégoire Gschwend
Non linear optics: second harmonic generation
at liquid-liquid interfaces
12.10.2015 Shiwei Zhou
Mechanism of drug metabolism via photocatalysis by a TiO2 chip detected by ESTASI-MS technology
19.10.2015 Xiaoqin Zhong
Introduction of mass spectrometry imaging
03.11.2015 Sunny Maye Basic thermodynamics of heat conversion 
09.11.2015 Dr. C. R. Dennison Experimental techniques for redox-mediated electrochemical systems
16.11.2015 Tong Wu The enhancement of redox flow battery’s energy density with redox-active polymers
24.11.2015 Evgeny Smirnov Interfacial redox catalysis on gold nanofilms at soft interfaces
30.11.2015 Alexandra Bondarenko Axio Observer – Your inverted research microscope platform
07.12.2015 Yingdi Zhu Sensitive and fast identification of bacteria in blood samples by immunoaffinity MS for quick BSI diagnosis
11.01.2016 Mikaël Frossard Droplet microfluidics – Theory and applications
18.01.2016 Dr. Andreas Lesch Photonic curing for inkjet printed electrocatalysts
Dr. Alberto Battistel
Dr. Astrid J. Olaya
Basics of electrokinetics and impedance spectroscopy
LEPA’s Time-Resolved Characterization Techniques
08.02.2016 Tzu-En Lin Soft micro-finger array for scanning electrochemical microscopy
15.02.2016 Dr. Milica Jovic Development of a pH sensor based on layer-by-layer assembled IrOx nanoparticles
22.02.2016 Victor Costa Bassetto Bi-functional electrodes by inkjet printing
07.03.2016 Dr. Heron Vrubel ‪Combined‬ ‪‎fueling‬ ‪station‬ for ‪‎electrical‬ /‎fuel‬ ‪cell‬ ‪vehicles
14.03.2016 Dr. Natalia Gasilova Improving HCD-MS/MS analysis of proteins via post-column supercharging
21.03.2016 Jonnathan Hidalgo Hydrogen evolution by TTFH+