Summer 2015

Room I17 4 K, Campus Valais Wallis, Sion, 13:00 s.t.

Date Speaker Title
03.06.2015 Grégoire Gschwend  
05.06.2015 Dr. Alberto Battistel Behaviour of dissolved hydrogen at platinum electrode during water electrolysis
10.06.2015 Alexandra Bondarenko MALDI of intact cells: a simple way to differentiate mammalian cells
12.06.2015 Dr. Pekka Peljo Thermo-electrochemistry for energy applications: Heat-to-power copper batteries
17.06.2015 Sunny Maye Monitoring the antioxidant content in erythrocyte concentrates during early storage
19.06.2015 Tong Wu The application of polyaniline in rechargeable batteries
24.06.2015 Evgeny Smirnov Gold nanoparticle films at soft interfaces
26.06.2015 Dr. Elena Vladimirova Photoionic cell: effect of organic solvent and hydrophobic mesoporous silica application
01.07.2015 Dr. Natalia Gasilova On-chip mesoporous functionalized magnetic microspheres for extended bottom-up proteomics
03.07.2015 Dr. Milica Jovic Development of pH sensor based on IrOx nanoparticles for on-field environmental monitoring



Dr. Andreas Lesch

Victor Costa Bassetto

Photonic curing for inkjet printed functional materials


Ink formulation for inkjet printing of catalyst layers

15.07.2015 Dr. Heron Vrubel Analysis‬ of ‪‎permanent‬ gases‬ by GC‬MS‬
17.07.2015 Dr. Christoffer Dennison Energy density enhancement in redox flow batteries
22.07.2015 Véronique Amstutz Mo2C as catalyst in the hydrogen evolution reaction with V(II) as electron donor
24.07.2015 Mikaël Frossard Rapid component-resolved diagnostic of cow’s milk allergy by immunomagnetic separation with MALDI-MS detection
29.07.2015 Lucie Rivier Multi-setp ‪‎photoproduction‬ of ‪‎hydrogen‬ by ‪‎metallocenes‬
31.07.2015 Yingdi Zhu MALDI-TOF MS for single bacteria analysis using functional micro-arrays
05.08.2015 Dr. Liang Qiao
Q Exactive HF Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer and Atmospheric Pressure MALDI MS imaging
07.08.2015 Géraldine Stauffer Dissolved‬ oxygen‬ sensor‬ based on zinc‬air‬ battery‬ for environmental‬ analysis‬
12.08.2015 Xiaoqin Zhong  



Jonnathan Hidalgo

Dr. Astrid Olaya



Water‬ ‪oxidation‬ by the ‪radical‬ ‪cation‬ of ‪tetrathiafulvalene‬ ‪TTF‬+?

21.08.2015 Patrick Voyame Electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide by rhenium catalyst
26.08.2015 Tzu-En Lin Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM) for Melanoma Tissue Imaging
28.08.2015 Shiwei Zhou Mechanism of drug metabolism via photocatalysis by a TiO2 chip detected by ESTASI-MS technology