EPFL Valais Wallis

Since the beginning of May 2015, LEPA is located in the EPFL Valais Wallis-Energypolis campus in Sion in the Canton of Valais, Switzerland.



In the vicinity of the train station of Sion, which is the capital of the Swiss Canton of Valais, a new campus “Energypolis” has been constructed where research will be carried out in the fields of energy and health. “Energypolis” will be a permanent outpost of the EPFL, a joint campus between the EPFL and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES SO) and a platform for The Ark, a foundation that organises and supports innovation in the Canton of Valais. The competences of the participating parties will be merged to realise a successful chain from basic to applied research complemented by the industrial implementation. From the second quarter of 2015 on, 150 scientists and professors from the EPFL will start to do their research in Sion. Until 2018, four new buildings for the HES SO will be constructed. In May 2015, LEPA has moved completely from the EPFL campus in Lausanne to Sion and LEPA’s research will focus on redox flow batteries with implemented generation of hydrogen (details), photoenergy conversion at soft interfaces using molecular systems and nanoparticles, the reduction of carbon dioxide under supercritical conditions, micro-analytical electrochemical systems for immunoassays, electrophoresis for proteomic applications and electrochemical ionization methods for mass spectrometry.